Recent Calls
Mon. May 19th 2014
Engine 23 responds to Raritan Township as part of the Foam Task Force

Engine 23 responded with additional companies to Raritan Township as part of the Hunterdon County Foam Task Force.  Engi...

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Fri. Feb 28th 2014
Engine 23 responds into Delaware Twp.

At approximately 1400 hrs, Engine 23 was requested with Quint 26 (West Amwell),47 Fire (Sergeantsville), and Lambertvill...

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Wed. Feb 5th 2014
Pumper Tender 23 responds into Alexandria Township

At approximately 1400 hours, Pumper Tender 23 responded with Captain 23 to Milford-Frenchtown Road in Alexandria Township as ...

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News Headlines
Sun. Jan 18th 2015
MVA with entrapment

Stockton fire along with Sergeantsville and Kingwood Fire responded with Kingwood and Lambertville-New Hope Rescue Squad and ...

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Fri. Jan 2nd 2015
23 & 47 Fire Run for Mattress Fire

On Friday morning, Stockton Fire Company along with Squad 47 was dispatched for fire alarm activation on Raven Rock Road. &nb...

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Fri. Jun 27th 2014
Fire Company Assist on Motor Vehicle Accident

Friday afternoon the fire company was dispatched for a MVA car into the woods.  The car was unable to be spotted from th...

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Nationwide Fire News
From 2010 to 2012, an estimated 6,500 one- and two-family residential building fires originating in basements were reported annually by U.S. fire departments. These fires caused an estimated 65 deaths, 400 injuries and $278 million in property damage each year. Our latest topical fire report looks at the characteristics of home basement fires. Download the free report, along with an outreach handout to help prevent basement fires, from the U.S. Fire Administration's website at
This free report looks at fire and emergency service cultural aspects that contribute to occupational illnesses, injuries and fatalities. It provides a basic understanding of the fire and emergency service culture, identifies individual and organizational behaviors that positively and negatively impact health and safety, and highlights focus areas for change by raising awareness about unsafe practices. Download the National Safety Culture Change Initiative report from the U.S. Fire Administration's website at
The risk from fire is not the same for everyone. In 2011, 3,415 deaths and 17,500 injuries in the U.S. were caused by fires. These casualties were not equally distributed across the U.S. population and the resulting risk of death or injury from fire was more severe for some groups. This topical fire report explores why different segments of society are at a greater risk from fire. Download the free report from the U.S. Fire Administration's website at
These reports look at the characteristics of one- and two-family and multifamily home fires using data reported to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). Sixty-five percent of all residential building fires occurred in one- and two-family homes, while 28 percent occurred in multifamily homes. Download the free reports from the U.S. Fire Administration's website at
This report looks at firefighter injuries sustained at, responding to or returning from a fire incident, using data reported to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). Download the free report from the U.S. Fire Administration's website at
This report addresses the characteristics of home heating fires caused by central heating units, fixed or portable local heating units, fireplaces, heating stoves, chimneys, and water heaters. Download the free report from the U.S. Fire Administration's website at
With this toolkit developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with assistance from the U.S. Fire Administration, you will learn about the five basic steps to create or enhance a fire safety education program for your community. Whether you are just getting started in fire safety education, or you are a seasoned educator, this toolkit will get you on your way to a successful program.

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 The Stockton Fire Company, organized in 1908, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to take emergency protective measures to save lives, protect property and ensure public health and safety of area residents.


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